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Measuring Spoons Cups Set

Measuring Spoons Cups Set

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Introducing the Measuring Spoons Cups Set – for precise, accurate measurements every time! This five to ten piece set is any baker or chef’s must-have kitchen tool. The spoons and cups feature markings that indicate measurement from teaspoon to tablespoon, allowing you to measure out ingredients exactly according to your recipe. Whether you’re baking a cake, making a sauce, or just measuring out sugar or flour for breakfast, this set has all the essential multipurpose spoons and cups necessary for successful cooking in one convenient package. Built with durable materials that are easy to clean and dishwasher-safe, these measuring tools will serve you reliably in the kitchen – no worries about chips or rusting! Enjoy precision measurements with ease and confidence – the Measuring Spoons Cups Set will help make baking and cooking easier than ever before.



Product Name: Measuring Spoons Cups Sets
Product Material: Plastic
Product Color: Black
Product Package: OPP Bag
Product Size:
Cup capacity: 1/8cup(29.56ml), 1/4cup(59.15ml), 1/3cup(78.86ml), 1/2cup(118.30ml), 1cup(236.59ml)
Spoon capacity: 1/4sp(1.23ml), 1/2sp(2.47ml), 1tsp(4.93ml), 1/2tbsp(7.40ml), 1tbsp(14.79ml)
Features: Brand new and high quality.


Package Includes:
5*Measuring Spoons 
5*Measuring Cups
10*Measuring Spoons Cups Set

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